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Civic camper and backseat delete for under 20 bucks

August 11, 2011

Roadtripping.  One of the great national past times.  With the down economy and high gas prices its been tough to do a lot of roadtripping. In comes the Honda Civic. More specifically a 2005 Em2 Honda Civic EX coupe.  32 mpg on a bad day is better than what most people say they get on a good day. Sleeping in a Honda Civic tho, not so enjoyable. So I did what most people would do in this situation;  look for a camp-friendly car.  A Honda Element looked nice but I didn’t feel like take on new car payments.  I then decided to do the unthinkable. Make my Civic sleepable.



First steps are to complete the backseat delete. After you fold down the seats by turning the key at the top of the back dash. (or pulling the leavers from the trunk). Then you grab a 10mm and unscrew the left  side   seat.                     
Now grab the 10 mm again and unscrew this other bolt, then just pull the right side towards the left then it should just come out.

Top part of the seats are gone. As you can see,     theres a huge bump and metal piece sticking out. We’ll take care of that without structually changing the car considering one day your probably gonna want to sell your car.



You probably noticed, the seatbelt is in the way. Grab a 14mm and and take that sucker out. Its kind of a pain in the ass but im sure you’ll manage. This isnt a “professional job” mind you so just keep this in mind.




You dont want this jabbing you in the back at night. Were gonna cover this up, in the finished result you will feel it, but it wont feel like something stabbing you in the back. Quite comfortable. Just use something you have. I grabbed a old pillow case from the pillow i used for the middle (next part) to start the covering.


Grab the inside of a pillow or something soft and fluffy.  Use a pet if you don’t have anything.





Luckily I had some old carpet lying around. to make the back firm







Cutting out the carpet. As you can see, very professional. In the end, it doesnt look like crap i promise!






Heres a nice little twist. Now your gonna use the seats you took out and put em in the trunk to start making everything flat. As you’ll notice the seat are going to to sag towards the middle. Not to worry, grab some wood or anything really and put it underneaththe seats so they’ll stay  upright. (as seen in the next picture)









Throw some foam down! Had some old bed foam laying around so threw that in. As you notice, (seems to be a theme) there seems to be a sag again. Stuff that mo fo with some old blankets, pillows, what ever. It doesnt sound professional because well, its not. Finished product looks good enough for me.


The black trunk cover gets moved to the front part, to cover it up, cut a little bit more carpet to clean it up, grab a black blanket to roll the foam up so the trunk can still be used (as seen here). Looks decently legit.




Decided to throw a New Bedford High blanket for some pride. Pillows underneath the carpeting to flatten out this part.






Now its all done without any damage to the car! Only cost me 10 bucks (for the pillows) since i had most of this laying around. Its pretty damn comfortable too. Easily fits two. Now I’m ready to go anywhere in comfort. Took me 5 1/2 hours, but if I had to do it again it could easily be done under 2 1/2. Try it out and happy camping =)



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  1. Anthony Young permalink

    Awesome! imma try this out

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